Bhairav Mantras &  Yantra
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Dear Readers, here are  mantras of Bhairav Baba and His various forms.,please note that all these mantras should be taken from  a competent Guru. In  this world there is no match for a guru. In the absense of a guru, one may pray to Datta Guru
( Lord Dattatreya) and assuming Him to be your Guru, can start spiritual practise. The mantras given here are meant for spiritual growth , or for pleasing the Lord. In no way do  we want to promote mantras which are meant for negative purposes.
Please sit on a woolen asana or darbha asana. facing east or north.
Light a lamp or agarbatti in front of a picture of the lord.
Alternately one may also keep  yantra of The Lord 2 rules are important while chanting these mantras.
1.One should not stop the Sadhana midway. Whatever time period one has
thought of ,say 1 month,  6 months or 3 years then one do it for that period of time.
2. During sadhana , one should not be afraid of any unpleasant circumstances.
1. Batuk Bhairav  Mantra.  This is the famous Batuk Bhairav mantra.  Chanting  
    should be done on rudrashak  mala.
Bhairav Mantras
2.  The next  3 mantras are again Batuk Bhairav  Mantras. Any one  of these mantras can be chanted to save oneself from
     trying situations. Japa quantity is 21,000 times.
Disclaimer  :- Warning , This site is does not  propagate ,support , encourage or justify any IMMORAL , ILLOGICAL  OR ILLEGAL ACTS.  This site is only meant for satvik worship of Bhagwan Bhairava