Bhairava sometimes known as Bhairo or Bhairon or Bhairadya, is the fierce manifestation of Shiva associated with annihilation.[2] He is one of the most important deities of Rajasthan and Nepal, sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike.
He is depicted ornamented with a range of twisted serpents, which serve as earrings, bracelets, anklets, and sacred thread (yajnopavita). He wears a tiger skin and a ritual apron composed of human bones.[3] Bhairava has a dog (Shvan) as his divine vahana (vehicle).
Bhairava himself has eight manifestations: Kala Bhairava, Asitanga Bhairava, Samhara Bhairava, Ruru Bhairava, Krodha Bhairava, Kapala Bhairava, Rudra Bhirava and Unmatta Bhairava. Kala Bhairava is conceptualized as the Guru of the planetary deity Saturn. Bhairava is known as Vairavar in Tamil where he is often presented as a Grama Devata or folk deity who safeguards the devotee on all eight directions (ettu tikku). Known in Sinhalese as Bahirawa, he protects treasures. Lord Bhairava is the main deity worshipped by the  Aghora sec.
Introduction to Lord Bhairav
•Kala Bhairava Temple, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
•Kala Bhairava Temple, courtalam, Tamil Nadu
•Kal Bhairava Temple, near Purana Qila, New Delhi. Said to be established by the Pandava brothers during the building of their capital Indraprastha. Purana Qila is sometimes said to be their castle and the temple is situated in its backyard.
•Ashta Bhairava at Sri Kamanada Eswar temple, Aragalur, Tamil Nadu.
•Bhairavar Temple, Vairavan Patti, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu.
•Bhairaveswarar Temple, Cholapuram, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.
•Ajaikapada Bhairava Temple, Nuagaon, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha
•Kal Bhairav Temple at Ujjain, M.P.
•Kalabhairaveshvara Temple at Adichunchanagiri, Karnataka
•Kalabhairaveshvara Temple at Jogi Mutt, Kadri, Mangalore, Karnataka
•Kalabhairav Temple at Adhiyaman Kottai, Dharampuri district, Tamil Nadu
•Sri Kalabhairava Swamy Temple at Ramareddy, Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh
•Bhairava Kona, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
•Kala Bhairav Temple at Toliasar, Sri Dungargarh, Rajasthan
•Kodamdesar Ramdevra Temple, Jaisalmer Highway, Rajasthan
•Bhairava Moorthi ( Bhairava Natha Moorthi) Temple, Morepalayam, Tiruchengodu Thaluk, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu

Bhairav or Bhairavi are worshipped when there are malefic planets in the birth lagna (time) or when natural malefic planets are transiting. Bhairon removes and protects person from these types of effects.
As per the Vedic Hindu astrology, Rahu is known as a shadow planet, which plays an important role in the life of a creature.
The Vedic astrologers often suggest people, the worship of Lord Bhairav to reduce the evils caused by the malefic position of Rahu in the horoscope.

Bhairav - The Lord of Yogis
Lord Bhairav is worshipped by Yogis and Tantriks to gain Siddhis. Bhairon is regarded as the guardian of Yogis and Tantriks who attain accomplishment of Mantras by doing Sadhana (devotion).

Bhairav - The Guard
Lord Bhairav guards the temple of Lord Shiva and due to this fact, he is also known as "kotwal" (Guard).

Bhairav - The Worship
Worship of Lord Bhairab is very useful to win over your enemies, success and all materialistic comforts. It is very easy to please lord Bhairav by doing normal worship daily. Coconut, Flowers, Sindoor, Mustard oil, black til etc are offered to the God and the following mantra is chanted with devotion to get God's Blessings.

Jai Guru
Jai Bhairav Nath!
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